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The governing board of the Charlottesville chapter of the National Organization for Women is composed of six executive officer positions and seven at-large officer positions. The members of this board of directors are elected by the chapter members to guide the direction of the chapter, create and oversee programs and actions, secure and safeguard resources, and serve as advocates in the community to advance NOW’s mission.


Charlottesville NOW is an all-volunteer organization, so this is a working board. The board meets monthly, and all board members must serve on at least one committee.


The President is responsible for overall coordination and operation of the Chapter.

•    Acts as chief executive officer and primary spokesperson for the Chapter.
•    Presides at all meetings of the Chapter, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors.
•    Makes appointments that are not reserved to or made by the Executive Committee.
•    Attends Virginia NOW State Council meetings. 

1st VP—Vice President of Action and Programs

The Vice President of Action and Programs is the chief program and activism officer of the Chapter. 
•    Performs President's duties in absence of President. 
•    Oversees development of Chapter meeting programs.
•    Organizes direct action campaigns to advance our social justice goals.
•    Chairs the Action and Programs Committee.


2nd VP—Vice President of Community Development  

The Vice President of Community Development is the chief membership and community outreach officer of the Chapter.
•    Works to increase and support members and volunteers.
•    Helps create, organize and support fundraising efforts.
•    Chairs the Community Development Committee.


3rd VP—Vice President of Marketing and Communications 

The Vice President of Marketing and Communications is the chief public and member communications officer of the Chapter. 
•    Ensures creation of chapter's digital and print communications.
•    Works to promote chapter programs and events in both conventional and online media platforms.
•    Oversees management of website and social media accounts, keeping content current.
•    Chairs the Marketing and Communications Committee.



The Secretary is the chief scribe of the Chapter.
•    Takes minutes at Board, Executive Committee and Chapter meetings as required.
•    Tracks tasking with follow up reminders until completed.
•    Keeps updated list of members in good standing for voting purposes.
•    Prepares agendas, correspondence, and official notices to the Board as required.



The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the Chapter.
•    Ensures Chapter adheres to fiscal procedures specified by the National NOW Board and Bylaws.
•    Makes deposits and disbursements authorized by the Board or Executive Committee.
•    Reports income and expenses to the Chapter and the National Board in the manner prescribed.
•    Creates and maintains financial records including banking, tax returns, and membership dues.


At-Large Director 

At-large directors may be assigned tasks or roles that change as needed to fulfill Board requirements or organization goals. While they do not have specific duties prescribed in the Bylaws, they are an integral part of the leadership team, with the same rights and similar levels of responsibility as other board members, as determined by the board or the parliamentary authority adopted by the Chapter.  

Overview of Director Positions
Charlottesville NOW Board

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